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The Summit System

Slimbody Breakthrough - A 21-Day Challenge

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SLIMBODY BREAKTHROUGH is a 21 day weight loss challenge designed to boost your metabolism and rev up your body's ability to use fat for fuel. By utilizing the highest nutrient-dense foods, accountability coaching and proactive (all-natural) supplements. This program will help you find sustained energy levels while supporting your busy lifestyle all while burning stored fat. We can't WAIT to see what you can achieve in JUST 21 days! Ready to get started or have questions? Submit the contact form on our website, and one of our team members will reach out soon!

Slimbody Guidebook

  • Welcome Note
  • What to Expect
  • Food List
  • Meal Plan
  • Food Journal
  • Weight Loss Tracker
  • Measurements Tracker
  • Meal Prep Tracker

Weight Loss Supplements

  • Climbers Calm: A Healthy Hormone Support
  • L-Carnitine: A Fat to Energy Converter
  • Metabolic Burn: A Thermogenic Formula

Daily Accountability Coach

  • Includes an Intro Zoom Call With Your Coach
  • Daily Texting
  • Calls When Needed
  • Weekly Community Zoom Meetings (optional)